Easy® NRAS

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The Easy®NRAS kits allow the qualitative detection of somatic mutations in NRAS gene by real-time PCR combined with a mutant enrichment technique.

Product Description

Detection of the main mutations of exon 2 ( codons 12, 13), of exon 3 (codons 59, 61) and of exon 4 (codons 117, 146) of NRAS gene of EGFR gene using 8 oligo mixes. Each mix allows the co-amplification of one or more mutated alleles plus an endogenous control gene. A specific oligo control mix enables the evaluation of the quality and the quantity of the DNA in each sample.


Control DNA positive for all the mutations detected by the kit. Reference standard DNA Horizon NRAS Q61K 1% to monitor the analytical process and the performances of the system. The standard is characterized by a well defined allelic ratio wild-type/mutant.


The kit allows the detection of low percentages of mutated allele in presence of high amounts of wild-type genomic DNA by real-time amplification with sequence-specific probes marked with FAM and HEX (LOD down to 0.5%)

Starting material

The kit allows the analysis of DNA extracted from fresh, frozen and formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissues.

Execution time

2 hours


Easy® NRAS Manual